Volume of navigation messages swells to slowly

Since few days the navigation messages start with very low voliúme level, so the beginning of the instructions are not recognized.
'm using the Kurviger Pro-App, a Samdung S7 smartphone (Android) and bluetooth helmet speakers 10R from SENA.

I’m not sure, if the problem is caused by
the app,
the smartphone or
the sound system

Do you have any proposal to fix the problem?

Hallo Hendrik, unter Einstellungen > Sprachausgabe findest Du Sprachlautstärke verstärken, vielleicht hilft das.
Ansonsten würde ich denken es liegt am Telefon, bei Sony hatte ich das Problem auch, jetzt beim HONOR nicht.

Hello Hendrik, under Settings> Speech you will find voice volume boost, maybe that helps.
Otherwise, I would think it is on the phone, with Sony I had the problem synonymous, now the HONOR not.

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Or can try another voice output in “Settings | Voice guidance” and increase its volume in Android.

If use Samsung Text-to-speech can change to Google Text-to-speech in Android settings.

There are more advices in documentation regarding voice navigation and headsets.

It seems the issue is coming from the Phone or headphone. Today I used Google maps to navigate and had same issue. I will check, if I can find a solution using phone or headphone settings.
If I’m successful, I will come back to the forum.

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