Voice navigation // Kurviger 1.14.28

All of a sudden my voice navigation has stopped working. I’ve restarted my phone, I’ve turned voice navigation off and on, still nothing. My speakers work on all other apps, music etc. just not Kurviger Pro. Any ideas?

Could you clarify which app version you are using exactly?

Not sure but at least 5 or 6 years old

Kurviger Pro 1.14.28

Ok, yeah there hasn’t been any updates to Kurviger V1. So if something stopped working, I think it’s most likely a change on your device, or something in the settings, could be quite a few things.

We do have a documentation about possible issues: I can't hear any voice output / turn instructions [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

The docs describe settings for Kurviger V3, but the general points should be still valid for V1 as well.

Have tried everything in the docs but still no voice navigation. Looks like I’ll just have to navigate without voice unless you have any other suggestions. Difficult watching the road and also watching the route map.

Kurviger V1 has not been updated for years (and never will be), so the change must be on your device or settings.

  • Does it work without any speaker, i.e. the phone alone? (you can check in Navigation simulation mode)
  • What have you set in “settings | voice guidance | voice guidance output”?
  • Is the Google TTS engine installed?