Voice guidance repeats 2,3,4 times until reinstall

During navigation, the turn instructions over blutooth repeat unecessarily. After the initial install all works fine. Then after some time voice message are repeated twice (for example… “turn right”, “turn right”). After some time they repeat 3 then 4 then 5 times. At that poinr I must deinstall the apo and reinstall it again. The story then repeats. It is extremely annoying.

(Debug information, this helps us helping you, you can remove this if you don’t want to share this data, it should not contain any personal or sensitive information)
Device: Ulefone - Armor 17 Pro - Android: 12 - WebView: 123.0.6312.99
App-Version: 3.3.1 - 2863
Screen: 360 x 803 px - 3dppx

Was passiert, wenn du während der Navigation den Ton der App ausschaltest? Ist dann tatsächlich Ruhe?


Hi Zoran, can you please give us some more details on how you use the app? Do you put the navigation in the background? Do you navigate with voice instructions only? Did you close / reopen the app during the navigation? Do you have a sample route on which this happens?

Any tiny details on your usage and the steps that lead to this error could be very helpful for us

I have exactly the same issue, its keeps on repeating 3 or 4 times, it is annoying indeed, its on every route, navigation on the screen

This happen all the time regardless of the route or any other setup.
After fress install it works normally. Over (short) time it starts repeating voice hints. After some time 4 even 5 times “turn riht”. All until the app is uninstalled.
Again it does not matter if the screen is off or on (i have the screen always on). It also does not matter what route or anything else.
I delete/reinstall the app. Log in in my account and make a simple route (2 point only). I do not change ANY config option( all is on default). Then i navigate. Works fine. Then I make another route and then it starts repeating voice messages two times. Then I make another route and after a while it starts repeating voice instructions three times. This goes on and on until it constantly repeats w/o pause. At that point I must delete/reinstall because it becomes unbearable.

I tried to silence the Navigation this way but it does not work either.
It still just parrots the message over and over. It is utterly unimpressed
by my setup. So answer to your question: The voice messages come
still. There is no silence.

Just to clarify, this happened with 3.3.1? Or with 3.3.0. We fixed a bug regarding multiple voice instructions in 3.3.1. That said, It should not depend on reinstalling, just starting / stopping the app.

If this still occurs with 3.3.1, have you tried if a restart of your phone corrects the problem until it slowly builds up?

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This is the latest 3.3.1, yes.
I haven’t restarted the phone. I did a complete delete and re-install of the app. What I can do of course is try restarting the phone.
This will have to wait 2-3 days until the rain stops so I can go for a ride.

Also… starting/stopping the app will NOT do the trick. Regardless what you do (except complete de/reinstall) it happily adds up telling you
to “turn right” until you give up and de-install.

Ok thanks for verifying. To be honest this sounds very odd and at this point I have no idea what could be the reason for this, especially if this behaviour survives app/phone restarts. So if you can reproduce this behaviour it would be important that you provide as much details als possible so that we can try to reproduce this on our end.

So far I can see, if I restart the phone, the problem goes away and it stays so from that point on. I guess people updating to 3.3 should
restart their phones in order to avoid this nuisance.
Please consider the problem solved. Thank you for your support!