Using "tags" for topics

When the new Kurviger Forum grows in future (and it already looks like that …!! :+1:t3:), it will become a huge database too.

For that purpose it is useful to keep the overview over all the multiple and different topics, to ease later use and reviews.

One mean to realize that are “Tags”, and we started to offer and add tags - so please do not be surprised, if your added topics are “tagged” by the moderators (as in this case the tag “hint”)! :wink:

But you as the users are invited to add tags also by yourself! :smiley:

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I think you should make one tag mandatory per new topic. It’s not too much to ask of a user, to categorize the post a liiitle bit, and it will nudge people in the right direction, because if they’re adding a tag already, might as well do two or three and think about it a bit more and ask for missing tags etc.

I agree, but there are some users that struggle with English and they should be able to post a basic question, without too many hurdles IMHO.

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I absolutely agree with that. Tags are even unnecessary in my opinion, because we already have different topics and relevant posts can easily be found by using the appropriate keywords in the search function. Please don’t make posts too complicated.

For reference, Google Groups support tags too, we haven’t enabled them there to avoid unnecessary complications.

Let’s better keep tags as a voluntary supplement for topics. Ok?

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