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"Unpaved" definition

[EN] Lately I have found that Kurviger leads me onto roads with gravel, dirt and so on, even though I have selected to avoid unpaved roads.
If it only and specifically avoids roads tagged with “unpaved” then it is only doing what it should.

However, I use that to simply try and avoid roads that are not covered with asphalt. (mostly)

Myself and those I know that uses Kurviger consider that “expected behavior”.

I suggest that “avoid unpaved” should mean to avoid all non-firm surfaces, such as (screenshot from Vespucci) :


Do you have an example for such a route segment?
Can you post a Kurviger-link?
On the website here:

Or in App here:


Next time I run into it, I will make sure to post a link to the route.

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That is indeed the current behaviour of Kurviger. If a road is not avoided, it is mostly not tagged correctly in OSM. If you find an example where this is not the case, please report it and we can check what happens in this case :slight_smile:

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I cannot remember the route or example now, but…

I was guided onto a road with gravel, even though I had “avoid unpaved” enabled.

In those cases I usually make a bookmark and then some evening I am bored I use Vespucci to update the map accordingly.

In a few cases these roads were tagged with compacted something or similar, which eventually led me to make this thread.

When/if I see it again, I will make sure to update this thread.

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