Unable to load my routes on the Kurviger website


I’m facing an issue with the Kurviger website. Here are the steps to reproduce the issue.

  1. I log in Kurviger using my email
  2. I open the “Your routes” panel
  3. I click on an existing folder (anyone of them)
  4. current behavior:
  • routes are not loaded and the loading icon is still spinning after ~30s
  • POST requests are sent to firestore.googleapis.com in what appears to be an infinite loop
  1. expected behavior:
  • routes are loaded and displayed

Tested with Firefox and Chrome, on Linux and Windows. Every time I get the same behavior. It was working fine a few days ago (maybe on Monday this week…).

And, of course, I need to download one of my route for a trip planned tomorrow :slight_smile:


Ich habe heute da selbe Problem festgestellt, Routenberechnung bzw. Kartenanzeige dauert auch relativ lange. Mal schauen was @boldtrn dazu sagt.

Today I found the same problem, route calculation and map display takes a long time. Let’s see what @boldtrn says about this.

For me it is working normally. Just tested with Firefox on Linux.

Could such issues be location dependend?
I am living near Munic, and my provider is 1&1


It’s working again. Maybe it was just a temporary issue … don’t know what was the cause neither why it’s working again. (it’s magic!)

Anyway, I was able to download my route. Phew! The tomorrow’s trip is maintained :slight_smile:

Bei mir gibt es noch Probleme, langsames laden meiner Routen und der der Kurviger Liberty Map. Provider ist ehemals KabelDeutschland, jetzt Vodafone Mein Kabel.

I still have problems, slow loading of my routes and those of the Kurviger Liberty Map. Provider is formerly KabelDeutschland, now Vodafone Mein Kabel.

Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems there are some troubles with the tile infrastructure (map images) right now. I am currently looking at fixing these issues and improving the performance.

Regarding the routing, I am not aware of any issues right now.

Thanks for reporting this issue. I was able to reproduce the issue and the a fix was deployed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi @boldtrn,

Thank you for taking the time to reproduce and fix this issue.

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