Type of route changes when I export the file

something “strange” happen while I export the file. I have created a route using the "fastest route option ( highways and so ) then I export my file to my PC . Afterwords when I have imported the same file on Kurviger web site page , the route has changed by itself the setting to “curvy route” and infact, the route has really changed, it is longer and do not pass to motorways anymore. Someone knows why and how it is possible to export a route as it has been created ?
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Use *.kurviger format!
This is the native format of Kurviger and preserves all settings.

For all other formats you need to set the same settings your original route had.
Otherwise, the route might change.

See also documentation:

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Well, but if I safe the file in .kurviger format than I ca not see it on my garmin therefore it is usless

You didn’t mention Garmin in your original post.
I would save the route in 2 formats:

  1. one in *.kurviger for later import into Kurviger
  2. one in any of the *.gpx variants for use with the Garmin device.

For further asisstance please search the forum for “Garmin”
There are many posts that deal with Garmin
Some of them are in German. A good translator is: DeepL Translate