Trouble finding routes


I have used Kurviger many times in the past - with no issues.

But this week - it seems to be struggling to find even fairly simple routes : For Example Ijmuiden to Troyes via Remis.

I have tried all possible options - Motorways, curvy roads etc no tolls - but it struggles to find a rout and after about 10 minutes - it gives up. This has happened on most of the routes I have tried this week - staring to panic - as I have a 16 day European trip planed in 2 weeks, and haven’t worked out my routes yet.

Any idea - where i’m going wrong?/

Any advice appreciated.


Good morning Bill,

try to switch off the route options:

This worked for me less any issue. Alternatively you can split the route in 2 sections.

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And start with less curvy option.
Its a long way to calculate maximum curvy.
If you get a Route then you can set shaping points and then switch back tu maximum curvy.
From Point to point its easier for the server tu calculate the long way.

Thanks guys, I will try that later tonight