Travel time calculation

Why does Kurviger calculate 4 hours 38 minutes and BaseCamp 3 hours 40 minutes and Google 3 hours 38 minutes for the same route and routing (Bergen-Balestrand both Norway)? Is it possible to set the speed with which the calculation is done? Thanks Klaus

Without more details it’s hard to give you a detailed answer. Basecamp, Google, and Kurviger use different road data. Kurviger uses data from OpenStreetMap. It is possible that the allowed max speed is not tagged on every part of the route. You can find that out if you are a Kurviger Tourer, there you have the option to show the max speed on your route or you can look up the roads on

If there is no max speed in OpenStreetMap, Kurviger assumes a fallback speed, which might be slower or faster than the actual speed.

While we try to calculate an accurate travel time, it happens that Kurviger provides you with unrealistic travel times. If you are in doubt, your safest bet is to look at Google Maps, they usually use actual travel times from users, which probably lead to a better estimate than Kurviger’s approach.