Transfer of Garmin/Basecamp route to Kurviger/IOS app

Hi there,

I am using Garmin Basecamp in connection with my Zumo 395 for years now, I know Basecamp is really a piece of work but I am used to it.

However I need to transfer a Garmin gpx route into an IOS device so my idea is to shoot the gpx into kurviger first and then put it from there into the IOS scenic app.

So far I have found out the following:

  1. to keep the routing done by basecamp I transform the route in Basecamp into a track and then convert back into a route in order to get enough shaping points. So normally all the track points between start and end are “alarm off” shaping points.
  2. Importing that route into Kurviger turns the shaping points into way points. I know it is possible to turn off the alarm on way points in the web application but is there a possibilty to change every way point into a shaping point?
  3. Basecamp has an interesting feature I only discovered myself a couple of weeks ago: you can use different routing profiles in one route. For instance if you use a routing profile which avoids motorways you can tell a shaping or way point to be set on a different profile. This is quite useful if you need to get round big cities or other densely populated areas the route will take on a motorway instead through town centers and then put you back on B roads. Is there something like that in Kurviger and if so does it get lost if you shoot that into another app like scenic?

Currently, that’s not possible. In the future there will be more improvements for ShapingPoints. Also to keep the ShapingPoint information from the input file.

This feature is already on the todo list, but it’s not ready yet :slight_smile:.