Tire pressure control system integration

Hello guys,
I am Martin from south of germany and new here in the forum, but using the adroid app of Kurviger since 2019.
At first I had to say, that it is a really great app and I love it, to navigate on my routes with it.

Last year I bought a new bike (Aprilia Tuono) and at the moment I am integrating some extra features on it. While modifiying my bike I recognised, that there is almost no space for more “toys” on it. That forces my to search always the smallest possible solution available on market.
Of course for a bike, which is ridden on race track as well, it would be nice to have a small technical solution for tire pressure.
There are a lot of systems on market, but they always come with a additional display or, when it is based on bluetooth, with an extra app.

What do you think, wouldn’t be great, when a small information panel on the kurviger app would show information about temperature and pressure of tires?
Should work with sensors for bluetooth tpms and the “only” thing to develop, would be the integration of signal in kurviger app.
Someone any ideas for that problem?
I have no idea if these out of the box apps of tpms-sellers could be shown in dual window or as small “over-app” information window, because I didn’t bought one yet.

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Mit der Möglichkeit die Info optional auszublenden,
finde ich die Idee gut!

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I fully understand the wish to use a tyre pressure monitoring system (I have one myself, but it is integrated in motorcycle instrument cluster).

But why integrate it in an navigation app? I think, using a further specific app which gives the possibility to show the tire pressure/temperature as overlay and give an alert in case of pressure decrease would be a good solution (but neither I have any own experience with that nor can I recommend any app :frowning: ).

On the other hand there are some arguments against further apps, as already discussed in

Please do not misunderstand - in general I would appreciate each additional feature, so also tire pressure display in Kurviger app. But the developer resources are limited, and usually the question is “which feature should be implemented, which feature should be postponed or discarded” - and so I think, functionalities already covered by other apps should have a lower priority.


Die Anzeige von TireBoy ist so klein wie eine Streichholzschachtel da gibts immer ein Platz für.
Gruss Rolf

Da gibt es auch die Möglichkeit noch weitere Info Apps im Hintergrund laufen zu lassen…z.B. Blitzer.de
Um die ganzen Apps dann beim Motorradfahren auf einmal zu starten, ohne alles anzutippen.
Habe ich bei meinem Samsung Phone die Blixby Routinen genutzt, in dem Moment wo sich mein Handy mit meinem Helm verbindet werden die notwendigen Apss gestartet, bzw. auch wieder geschlossen.
Bei einem anderen Handy löse ich über NFC die ganzen Routinen aus. Da läst sich wunderbar mit “herumspielen”.

There is also the option of running other info apps in the background…e.g. Blitzer.de.
To start all the apps at once while riding a motorbike without having to tap everything.
I used the Blixby routines on my Samsung phone, the moment my phone connects to my helmet, the necessary apps are started and closed again.
With another mobile phone, I trigger all the routines via NFC. This is a wonderful way to “play around”.

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As I said, I don’t believe, that additional apps can be shown as overlay, but didn’t checked it yet, because I don’t want to buy a couple of devices to check, whether it is possible. Blitzer.de does work for that, but the other apps?
but why using an additional device, when I got an multimedia device with 6" display on board?

Thank you for that tipp Hampic, I will check the Blixby Routines as well and the solution to automate start of couple of apps.

OK found a solution, the Fobo Bike 2 seems to work with overlay function. Found it written in a review by “excarguy”: Amazon.com
Problem is, to connect two devices at the same time via Bluetooth, but thats not really a kurgiver topic.