Time & distance between Via Points

I am going to re-activate this discussion. I too would like to have time and distance between Via Points.

I do all my planning on Kurviger but as an iPhone user I export my routes to Scenic. Scenic has this feature and its excellent for quickly knowing key stop distances and times - you can then throw in a few more curves or make a section a bit faster if you want to limit yourself to 450 a day for example.

The discussion we had here seemed to be going in the right direction - where did it end up ?


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die aktuelle K3 App hat diese Funktion bereits eingebaut. Die App fürs iPhone kommt ja bald.

Die Funktion ist etwas versteck und findest du die folgt:

  • Route laden
  • Rechts auf das i drücken

  • Untere Anzeige noch oben schieben

  • Nun kann man auf jeden VP drücken und gedrückt halten und es werden die Entfernungen vor und nach diesem VP angezeigt, so als wenn dieser VP eine neuer virtueller Startpunkt ist.

Aktuell fehlt in der Anzeige leider noch die Zeitberechung. Der Wunsch ist aber dem Kurviger Team bekannt aber du kannst auch gerne auch darauf hinweisen, dass du das auch für sehr sinnvoll halten würdest.


Fantastic. This works on my iPhone but not on the iPad

This feature is currently limited to mobile phones. This will be added for different devices in the future.

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I love this view showing the distance and time from the start and to the end of the route, because it gives me a good idea where I need to plan an aditional break.


I use the blue markers (via points) for the places where I intend to stop and black markers (shaping points) to force the route to use a specific road.

When planning breaks, it would be good to know how far is the previous and/or next stop (i.e., blue marker). Would it be possible to display the distance to the previous and next blue marker, either optionally selectable or additionaly to the current solution with the previous/next point? Since I place the shaping points often randomly, the time/distance to them does not really matter.


Check the turn instructions …

First in the app:

Planned route, 2 via points one shaping point between …

… press Info …

… pull the drawer.

You can also tap on one line and hold the line in the app.


… turn instruction, check the filter


This is useful to get the overview or do the last check when the planing is finished.

During the planing, I find it a bit unpractical to switch back and forth between the two views.
When I add a new via point, I try to give it a meaningful name, like “Coffee break at Bakery xyz” or “15min stop at panoramic spot”. To be able to rename the new waypoint, you need to switch to the other view (one additional “point and click”). And to see the distance, I need to switch back to the other view which is now two “point and clicks” away. When planning a 2 hour ride in a densly populated area in Germany it is not a problem, but I just planned 14 day round trip, with 5-6h day pure riding time per day in a sparsely populated Norway. Every additional “point and click” and switch of a view becomes very tiring after several hours of planning. The most efficient way I found to work around this was to write down the absolute time from the start location to the via point and when selecting the next, I would also look at the time to the start location and rougly estimate the difference.

This is all concerning web application. I do not do such an extensive research and planing in the app.


Do you have an idea, how it could be? Perhaps just keyboard shortcut like alt-t?

Maybe something like this, only nicer ;-))


Switch it on - you see only the blue markers, switch it off - you see all of them (as it is now).
The question is - what to do with curvature buttons that are currently between the markers?
In the ideal solution - if you change the curvature between two blue markers, all curvatures between shaping points inside this section change to the selected curvature.
In a more simple solution, when you switch to “only blue markers”, the curvature buttons may disappear completely (lines appear in the same manner as with start and end points).


Good idea :slight_smile:

Or switch on the diagram, hold left mouse and you get additonal information.

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Or… it could be something like this (developers will hate me :rofl:):

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They will love you for this, time for other stuff. :grin

Edit: i have just seen your changes. Yes, i agree. :rofl:

Yes please do this.