The site stopped building long routes

The site stopped building long routes.
Start - Vienna, finish - La Rochelle.
Writes that it is impossible to build. I used to make two points: start and finish, and then add intermediate ones. Now it doesn’t work. It’s a pity. Premium subscription.

The route calculation seems to take very long. You can try resolving this by shortening your route, adding a waypoint between your current waypoints or using a different route profile.

(Debug information, this helps us helping you, you can remove this if you don’t want to share this data, it should not contain any personal or sensitive information)
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With fastest or faster and curvy route works. A route of over 1500 km in curvy must be divided into several route sections. Is unfortunately so, there the server comes to its limits.

Hi Eugene, please always add a link to the route that is giving you trouble, so that the community and the developers can reproduce and debug the error much easier :slight_smile:

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Yes, sure, here is link

Haha yeah ok that is indeed a bit rough. Depending on our server load and the speed of the internet connection, such long routes can sometimes be calculated, but sometimes not :sweat_smile:

We have some ideas for multi-day-trips already, it’s a feature that is definitely on our roadmap. For now I’ll have to ask you to please split your routes into smaller parts. You can put all the parts in a folder in the Kurviger Cloud if you like, then you can find them all in one place

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@Patrick You had some avoidances in. The one below works better :wink:

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Guys many thanks! :beers:

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Usually happens from 2200km or more. Was never able to make a 3000km+ route. Just shows the error message that it took too long, and i should check avoid settings, however that doesn’t ever make a difference.

Same a few days ago.

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This is a routing tool with very complex calculations. The data is also displayed in the browser bar.
Both cannot be used indefinitely.

Amazing that 2200 km and more is driven in one day. Wow! :slight_smile:
Divide the route (in daily stages) and everything is fine

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