Temporary road blocks for example due to road construction work

I would like to politely request a new feature


I think someone already asked for motorbike restricted roads ( at weekends mostly) to be added and you are thinking about it.

What I find even more annoying ( not from you!) is that I plan a tour or days round trip and follow it on my Navi.
Recently in the Pfalzer Wald I experienced 6 ( yes, SIX) diversions on the planned route.
Road works/blocks.
Now I know at least there is usually a U1 or U32 to follow but it’s still time consuming and annoying.
These road works are always announced officially by the local authorities or towns or States , whoever is responsible.
Is it possible to get hold of these announcements regularly and build them into the web site planner to avoid the diversions?

and best regards

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