Sygic Navigation

Hello community
I am using the Kurviger web version to plan my bike tours - and I like it to do so. On the bike I am using Sygic as navigator. The Sygic App is running on iPhone 13 Pro with iOS version 16.5.1. Sygic for iOS (version 23.4.0, SDK 22.1.2) is running within the integrated Ducati Connect App on my Ducati Multistrada V4S. The navigation is displayed directly on the bikes cockpit wich is very convenient. Unfortunately, the software integration is not as well as it should be on a premium bike.

One of the problem I am dealing with, are the waypoints on routes. Sygic does not automatically go to the next waypoint once I passed one; it advises me to turn. I do not know whether it has to do with the export from Kurviger or whether it is a design problem in Sygic. Does anybody using the same configuration as I do? Every tipp is very welcome.

At least for the transfer to Sygic, I am not aware that we could change the behaviour of Sygic.

Write it down as a task for a future update… “improve sigyc behavior in imported routes”, :rofl:

Correct, and I’ll add a quick sidenote: our exports are pretty “standard”, we try to not use any features (like GPX extensions or something) that are specific to us or tricky to handle for other apps. So in cases like this one it’s very rare that we can do anything to help

Thank you for your reply. I thought that this is the case. As Sygic cannot handle waypoints to my satisfaction and as the stability of the Ducati Connect App does not work as promised, I decided to buy a Garmin Zumo XT2.