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Switzerland routes


nice roads and routes in Switzerland

Route1 : Gruyere - lac de morat - Fribourg - Gruyere
Precision : between wp3 and wp4 the road is forbidden for cars and motorcycles. there is a parking at wp3 and there is a 30 minutes walk to wp4. Do not access to Mont Gibloux from the other side other than by walking.

Route2 : Gruyere - lac de hongrin - Gstaad - Gruyere
Precision : between wp3 and wp4 the road is forbidden for cars and motorcycles


Thanks for posting these routes.

Would you mind to add a bit of description? I have seen that you added a couple of waypoints that don’t seem to be properly connection, for example in Route2 Wp 3 and Wp4. There is a small part on this road which seems to be blocked. If it’s not, we should change the data, otherwise you might want add a minor explanation what happens at these waypoints and why the routes are build in that way :slight_smile:.

A similar thing happens in Route1 between Wp 3 and Wp4. A small part is listed as access=destination (Anlieger Frei).


the small part is a tunnel and is forbidden to cars and motorcycles. Only authorized persons can access this area or bicycles. Hope this helps. I found a dozen roads which seems to be usable while doing the planing on kurviger but are actualy forbidden to cars and Motorcycles. I do not know how to report this properly. But overall a great app to plan trips, thank you for your work, it is just GREAT !


Ah ok, thanks for sharing more details. I was just wondering because the routes look a bit chaotic with circles, dead ends, etc.

If you found multiple examples where this happens the best approach would be to change the data yourself, if you are interested in that. We have a documentation about incorrect routes here. If you are not interested in improving the data, you could post these examples here in our forum, preferably with some more details for each of the issues and we can check and see if we can fix the data.