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nice roads and routes in Switzerland

Route1 : Gruyere - lac de morat - Fribourg - Gruyere

Precision : between wp3 and wp4 the road is forbidden for cars and motorcycles. there is a parking at wp3 and there is a 30 minutes walk to wp4. Do not access to Mont Gibloux from the other side other than by walking.


Hm, between wp18 and wp30 there seems to be a LOT going on, including some one-ways. Are you sure those are all positioned where you want them to be?

I’m actually quite close to that route at the moment, but the weather is turning quite miserably :smiley:

hello, patrick, between wp19 and wp20, kurviger is ok but in fact out of memory it is forbidden to take the road for cars and motorcycles, better go from 19 do 21 directly. From wp 27 to 28 this is in the wineyard also forbidden even though kuwiger says ok. for the rest fine. Weather catastrophic I know, my bike is in the Garage and waiting. Best regards, vincent