Suggestion: Navigation higher contrast

Hello together,

I Just tried the App Navigation and using my phone, the Display was not really good readable while driving. That leads me to the following wishes for the app:

  • while navigating the overlays should be Just Black and White, not partly transparent.
  • the map should be selectable (as in the planning Mode) to select one with a higher contrast between streets and landscape.

Maybe have a Look at other Apps. Garmin go ride ist way Bretter to read while driving in the sun:

Welcome to the Forum,
that the display is a bit transparent is intentional, which is to prevent the modern OLED screens from burning in.
However i think, an inverse representation could still improve a better visibility of the displayed arrows


Ah, of corse the prevention burning in is a valid point.

Maybe invertig it is the Best Option, possibly together with increasing the size of the “arrow section”. This could also be done via a special Navigation setting for better visibility.

My screen is 15.5cm high. The arrow itself has a size of 1.5cm and is the most important Information while driving, so in that Mode the size of the arrow section could also be increased.


To my opinion they should be full transparent, so that the map and route is in the focus. I agree to the other point, it needs more contrast, which also leads to the need of configurable colors and transparency for all elements including the tour color. And the route width should be broader.