Suggestion: Current planned changes

The forum shows which features were implemented in the last versions of the app, but I’d also like to know which features are considered or actually planned to be implemented. It would save time searching posts and would prevent people posting multiple requests for the same thing.

Basically a list with

  • Features planned/in work to be implemented
  • Features which are on the “long list”, which are currently not planned or worked on, and shouyld not be expected any time soon
  • Features which will not be implemented or are not planned to be implemented, as they are technically not possible, take too much effort for the amount of people using it etc.

I used the search function, but could not find something like this. If I overlooked it, my apologies in advance.

Cheers and keep up the great work!


See the thread … Roadmap … beside the launch from Beta to final version and smaller fixes.:slightly_smiling_face:

Feature Roadmap

We will continue to further push new features and improvements. To give you an idea of some of the features we will be working on short term:

  • Offline Maps for regions
  • Starting the Navigation, when being away from the route
  • Adding fuel stations while navigating
  • GPS recording

From my experience, the devs only make promises, they can keep. To be honest, I am a little bit afraid of discussions of priorities, if they would publish it in each detail.


Besides that, we also have a category with things we are planning to do in the future: Planned features

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Thanks for both answers. I was looking for more detailed functions like the avoidance/blocked route function, actual speed limits and the like. I loved these in v2, and really miss them in the beta.

I see your point about priority discussions. Personally I feel that is up to the developers to decide so there should not be any need for discussion. But knowing how the online world currently works, you are probably right.

Anyway- still love Kurviger after I think of 4 years of using it. Thanks for all the good work and keep it up!