Sudden alarms during navigation

Hi guys,

on a tour over the last weekend I used my new motorbike helmet with comms. module to listen to music on my phone (Samsung Galaxy). On the phone the kurviger app navigation was running.

From time to time the app produced some signals or alarms. Obviously these alarms were linked to the speed I was driving, i.e. exeeding 100 km/h. But only in some cases and sometimes also with other speeds. Other sounds were played (like a gong) without any link to speed and I wasn’t able to identify the trigger.

Voice guidance was deactivated. These sounds were pretty disturbing and sometimes really frightening and I wasn’t able to find anything in the settings to deactive this. Also I did not find anything in the documentation.

How can I deactivate these alarms?

KR Rainer

Uhmm, that doesn’t sound like a feature that kurviger has (yet). Are you sure you don’t have a radar warner installed? Did you have a Google maps navigation running in parallel? Did you check that you didn’t get some kind of whatsapp notification or similar?

You even say that you weren’t able to identify the trigger, what makes you think it was kurviger?


When voice guidance is enabled, only instructions via text-to-speech are provided.

When voice guidance is not enabled, then the application is completely silent.

So seems something else in the device could be related to those sounds?

Hm, strange. Google maps was surely not running - only my music app was in the background (radio app the most of the time).

I use the phone also for example in the car but there never with kurviger. I never heard these sounds before, so I was sure it was kurviger.

Ahaaaa well that sounds like a good suspect! Maybe your radio app refreshes its notification for the player, once a new song is playing (or once the metadata changes, the radio station says it’s playing another song). And that notification by default makes a sound (and flashes the LED etc.) if the developer forgot to disable that. Maybe you would consider using, the app that I code? :smiley: </shameless plug> I am about… 75% sure that our app doesn’t do that :wink:

The radio app is provided by a public broadcast station, would be surprising if there is some issues like that. But I will keep an eye on that and do some more testing.

Thanks for now! :slight_smile:

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There are many things on a smartphone, that could produce sounds.
One thing might be a loose power connection.
Some time ago, I had a similar problem. My phone loosed its charge level although it was connectet to an USB charger on the bike.


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