Strange behaviour of map rotation and location arrow

Today I had a strange behaviour in the Kurviger app.

As we continued our ride (after a stop a the famous Jailhouse in Bad Tölz), I noticed that the map rotation didn’t work properly any more and that the location arrow pointed in the wrong direction (always to the left side instead of forward, which might be the cause for the strange map rotation). I didn’t manage to get it working properly again (leaving and restarting the app didn’t help). I double checked: map tilt and rotation were both activated. GPS signal was good.

Anyone noticed similar behaviour before? Maybe it had something to do with with the screen orientation option set to “System” (I had my smartphone in my jackets pocket before, maybe I touched something by mistake).

Thanks for the report.

Do you mean during navigation or another mode?

You mention that “Settings | Application | Screen orientation” was set to “System”.
What was the orientation of the device while in use, portrait or landscape?

Also next time can you disable map rotation and tilt and see again?

During navigation.

The device was in portrait orientation (but with Android’s auto rotate setting switched on).

I’ll try that. And I’ll try to reporduce it. Maybe difficult because it was the first time this happened (in fact it was somehow weird to navigate with this odd behaviour).

Is the issue still showing up on your device? If not, how was the issue resolved? If yes, could you send us a screenshot?

Issue isn’t showing up any more (I restarted my smartphone aftter it did). And I couldn’t reproduce it yet. My suggestion is that it was an effect after a lot of switching modes (navigation and follow, additional GPS 2D/3D etc.) and zoom levels because my smartphone was in the pocket and I’m sure I touched the controls unintentionally.

If it happens again I’ll make a screenshot (blame on me that I didn’t do that during our tour, but I was too distracted by the strange behaviour and was the tour guide this day).


Thanks! I can’t remember seeing this issue, if you find any way to reproduce it or create a screenshot, that would be great.

Today on my way to the office (I’m sometimes using my commute to test Kurviger and other apps) I once again had this strange behaviour of the map which suddenly wasn’t willing to rotate any longer.

I was off the route (with automatic recalculation deactivated) for a ceratin time and it seems to me that rotation didn’t work correctly any longer after reentering the route.

I tried different things to get it back to rotation:

  • switching off/on map rotation via the compass button didn’t help
  • switching off/on map rotation via the setting option didn’t help
  • deleting and reloading the route didn’t help
  • leaving the app and restarting didn’t help
  • killing the app via the taskmanager and restarting didn’t help

Strange enough: I even restarted my smartphone and reloaded Kurviger. After being a short time off the route Kurviger once again didn’t rotate the map. :thinking:

Screen orientation was set to “portrait” this time.

Like mentioned above: didn’t help.

I made some screenshots. Maybe they’re helpful.

Screenshot_20190611-082605 Screenshot_20190611-082653 Screenshot_20190611-083847 Screenshot_20190611-084920 Screenshot_20190611-085816 Screenshot_20190611-085841

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Thanks for the detailed report.

I like the speed limit “feature” in the images! :slightly_smiling_face:

If device remains the same, can only think the new Google location service in Kurviger 1.9 if reports erroneous things, though have not seen so far such behavior. It’s supposed to be better than Android’s native one…

Now I’m thinking if the new location service option should use by default the Android service and Google’s one would be optional, after all theirs is black box without internal knowledge and further tuning.

That’s “Tempo Master”. I wanted to test the quality of OSM’s speed limit data :smile:.

Yes, there could be a correlation. I didn’t have any similar issues before version 1.9. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m using an older device (Moto G 3rd Gen) running with Android 6.01. Would be a pity not to be able to use older devices for bike navigation any longer (for me this is somehow a question of sustainability).

Would it be possible to implement a setting to switch between location services? Maybe in some dev/debug options. Would be good for comparing / testing.

I have already implemented it, will be available in next version:

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Kurviger 1.9.2 was released with location service option to select which works better on the device.

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