Sprachsteuerung direkt oder per zus. App möglich?

Hello everyone, I’m tired of the annoying transfer from Kurviger via the rotten Basecamp to my Garmin sat nav and am thinking of switching from the Tourer to the Tourer+ subscription. I have bought an 8" Ulefone Amor Pad and will screw it to my moped with a swivelling bracket. Now the question, instead of DMD2 with Carpe iter, I would like to use the Tourer+ directly and, in addition to the OBD2 data, also use the rain radar in other windows, each in full screen. As the development of digitalisation brings with it voice control of the devices, I would prefer to zoom in and out of a map using voice control instead of the cumbersome glove operation of the Carpe iter. The commands could be called “zoom-in” and “zoom-out”. Can something like this be integrated into the software or is there a voice control app for this? perhaps a competitive advantage, because Caarpe iter also costs 160 euros?
Merci + LG Tom

Thanks for the proposal. I think it would be a nice addition for sure. It’s not on our immediate road map for the next months, but might be something we could think about adding in the future.

That said, I am not exactly where the limits are, as we cannot control the Android system itself.