Sprache der Karten / Languages -> maps

Hello everybody,
I am new in the forum and I do have a questions about the languages shown on the map.
ASs long as I am planning in Central Europe, all is fine. But as soon I want to move to eastern countries like Ukraine or Russia, the Cyrillic Language or for Greece the Greek language is shown. How can I change that?

Hi Marco,

Your post is about the different languages of the maps, so I have opened a new topic …

Different maps have different styles / conventions for naming stuff on the map. Most of them are in English, German, or the language of the country you’re looking at. I’m sorry we can’t provide every map in every language, that would be quite the maintenance task for us :sweat_smile:

But you can go through the different maps here, and hopefully find one that is to your liking

Hi Viola,
thanks for your feedback.
I like the OpenTopoMap a lot but I understand the technical part of the story :wink: