Speech connection via Bluetooth interrupted


I’m using KURVIGER on my smartphone (android 9) in the background for round about 1 year and I’m very appreceating this APP and all was running as well in the past.

This spring I started the bike season and the speech connection via Bluetooth interrupted after few minutes.

Dispite to this problem navigation is continuing on the display. The APP is allowed to running in the backround, TTS is installed, “Sprachausgabe” is activated and other APPs e.q. “Google Maps” speech is running without any problems.

What do I make wrong?

Thanks and regards

This might be related to https://forum.kurviger.de/t/navigation-stops-automatically/302
See also documentation https://docs.kurviger.de/start?id=app/faq/app_is_stopped_in_background
See also Don’t kill my app!

Have you recently done any OS updates on your smartphone?
Is the issue still there if Kurviger APP stays in foreground all the time?

“Google Maps” is special as it is well known by all vendors, and is most likely preinstalled by the vendor as a system app.


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You can change also the options in “Settings | Voice guidance”, like the “Voice guidance output” or the “Prepare phone call audio connection”.

Please check also the related documentation.

Thanks for the fast resonses…

  1. The Kurviger APP is NOT stopping in the backround. Only the speech output is interrupped after a view minutes and after well running speech outputs.

  2. Due to a broken smartphone I’d rebought the same type (Armor 6s). The broken one was running with android 8 the new one with android 9.
    Under android 8 happens no problems anyway.

  3. Battery optimization -> OFF.

  4. Running as backround app allowed:

  • System Whitelist
  • Duraspeed
  1. “Settings | Voice guidance" allowed with a prepare time about 2000ms.

Thank you in advance

How can know that exactly?

Android manufacturers may stop many things in background:

  • Whole apps
  • GPS, so even if apps are running, the GPS does not send location reports
  • Bluetooth, so even if apps are running and GPS reports correctly, the Bluetooth does not transmit anything

Indeed, does Bluetooth work correctly and continuously if the app remains in foreground with open screen?

After switching on the smartphone the display shows the running Kurviger app immedately and the speech output problem does not be recovered. And pushing the panel (streetname) on the screen will also not causing any speech output.
The only think that temporary helps is to restart the Kurviger app, but after further few minutes the speech output will interrupted again…

Thank you!

PS.: Other apps like LOCUS or Google Maps are still running in the backround… so GPS is running as well in this mode.

PS2.: May be the speech output problem could be caused be the android 9 OS?

From the phone’s or the Bluetooth speaker?

If it’s from the Bluetooth speaker, then the Bluetooth seems being disabled after a while when the screen is turned off.

Have you tried all 3 modes in “Settings | Voice guidance | Voice guidance output”?

From the phone.

Yes. All 3 modes running as well until the interrupt problem happens…

So it’s like that your phone closes the device’s speaker when screen turns off?

This was my first idea too… but Goggle Maps or Audials are sounding when screen is off.

We certainly cannot know how each app exactly works.

We only know how Android tells its developers to implement their apps with specific instructions.

These instructions are not respected by OEMs with the known negative results for the users.
OEMs even whitelist certain popular apps from these limits, making the situation more confused.

One can only search thoroughly the device’s Android settings to find some other extra option.
Specially if it worked with previous Android, then something is changed in newer Android by OEM.

Of course… but the armor 6s uses default android 9. One of the bying decisions of mine.

Original Android exists usually in (Nexus and) Pixel devices, where Google handles everything.

In all other cases the OEMs apply Android and cannot be sure how “original” is the final result. :slightly_smiling_face:

Solution was found for speech connection interrupts when “Kurviger” is running in the background under OS Android 9.

-> Pushing the rectangle bottom down under on the navigationbar

-> Pushing the toolbottom.

-> “Auto clean” bottom must be set to inactive.

In this case “Kurviger” is sounding as well in the background mode (screen off).

The sound problem happens, if “Auto clean” is activated despite to the fact that “Kurviger” is marked in the “White List” for not cleaning.

Hope, this may helps for other Android 9 users.


Thanks for the detailed solution!

So it seems that were indeed some extra options that needed to be changed in that device.