South of Munich: a bunch of lakes and curves (and a stylish diner)

Ok then, here’s my first tour recommendation. With it’s length very suitable for a longer day trip.

Kurviger link:
Distance to ride: approx. 400km
Time in the saddle: approx. 6-8 hours

Starting point is a restaurant with a nice beer garden (Emminger Hof) nearby Kloster St. Otilien. A good meeting point for groups with buddies coming both from Augsburg and Munich.

During this tour you’ll visit the following lakes:

  • Ammersee
  • Wörthsee
  • Pilsensee
  • Starnberger See
  • Schliersee
  • Achensee
  • Sylvensteinsee
  • Walchensee
  • Kochelsee

And you’ll drive some attractive roads for bikers:

  • Sudelfeldstraße between Bayrischzell and Oberaudorf (with the Sudelfeldpass at 1123m)
  • a very curvy loop neaby Kramsach (you shouldn’t miss this curves!)
  • a nice pike between Vorderriß and Walgau (toll is 4 Euros for motorbikes, but it’s absolutely worth it)
  • Kesselbergstraße between Kochelsee and Walchensee (attention: the north-south direction is closed for bikes during weekends, in consequence of all those bikers, who tought this was their private race circuit)

Last not least, at waypoint 27 there’s a very stylish American Diner (with a very nice beer garden) called “Jailhouse” in Bad Tölz, often having interesting events (escpecially for Harley and US car fans). The right place for having a break and a good meal.

Have fun!

9-Seen-Sudelfeld-Kesselberg-Jailhouse.kurviger (43,4 KB)
9-Seen-Sudelfeld-Kesselberg-Jailhouse.gpx (740,2 KB)


Hi Mario,

thanks for sharing the nice route report. If I ever get to the area I might add some of it to my ride, this looks really good. We did a bike tour to the area last year (Kloster Andechs). Looking at the road, we should go there again soon (and spend less time @Kloster Andechs, and more time riding :wink: ).


Hi Robin,

Kloster Andechs is one of our common “quick trip” destinations (being only 50km away from my home base).

If you’ll ever be again somewhere around this area, feel free to give me hint. Maybe we could “meet and greet” :grin:

best wishes

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That would be great Mario. I’ll let you know :).


Dude what a great coincidence, this route totally overlaps with the area I need to be planning right now for the next vacation in the alpes. Definitely gonna use some of it, thanks, much appreciated!

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I’m very glad to hear that my recommendation is useful for you. And good to know that you’re planning a trip in the Alps area. Be prepared to see more routes here in the forum soon! :sunglasses: