Smaller icon for Waypoints

Should it be posibel to clear out waypoints after the hole route is set, so that when looking on the Route not only waypoints to se but the hole Route or make the waypoints by using computer smaler?? Or dors this feacher exist I just dont find it?

Do you mean in app or website?

Waypoints cannot be cleared since can be required anytime to adjust the route.
Probably mean to make their visibility optional, like with turn instruction nodes?

I mean on website when I made a route to se the hole Route as total when there are 40 waypoints or more thay cover most of the route that you cant se what it looks like. Should be only a point and not such a big flag. My segestion

Thanks for the suggestion. This has been discussed before and this is something we might consider in the future.

BTW: Usually not that many waypoints should be required when planning a route. Often it is more efficient to set the curviness and avoidance parameters to your liking and then plan the route, this usually helps to drastically reduce waypoints and makes planning a lot easier. If you need to set a lot of waypoints on a road, then this usually is a hint that there might be an issue with the road data or that the road might not be publicly accessible.

Thanks for the answer the sugestion I have tryde but if I dont want the exact way need to put waypoints, because not posible to make a route with curvyroad and mainroads togeather, then to send a printscrean to friends to show the route to many waypoints send pic where u se what I mean.

Why not use the Share tool and send them a route url?

Yes I do use the url but to see the hole route on once it has no space on desctop thats why I would like the waypoints have a button to change in to circle points.

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