Simplify Planning a new route

Whenever I open the app or website it seems to show the last route that I was looking at.
If i want to create a new route i seem to have to delete all of the shaping and waypounts of the previous route first.
Why is there not a simple ‘new route’ button that removes all of it and the name from the planning screen?

Hello, then simply say “Do not load the last planning”!

Where do I find that setting?

I understand that you delete the waypoints one by one?!

In the app you can click the 3-dots menu in the lower right corner. Then option to Delete Route / Overlay, then a popup to delete overlays and or route. In the web-version accordingly.

So not just a button “New Route” as many work with overlays, which would be cleared unintentionally.

This is not a setting but you simply have to not load the last planning when starting/calling Kurviger. If you don’t do that you will have an empty map and can plan again.