Sidebar info container glitches for 6 or more waypoints

This is of course a minor bug report with - probably - low prio, but:

On the website, the sidebar-bottom-container glitches to the bottom of the screen for 6 or more (total, including start and end) waypoints, and thus moves that info a bit further away than necessary. The reason I say this is a glitch is because it works fine with up to 5 waypoints:

The 6th one seems to move the container div out of the sidebar-scrollable-container and then the style=bottom takes over and pushes the info away, leaving an ugly empty area

Maybe this is only an issue on tourer because the mrec for the ads is usually occupying this slot and pushing the container up? Or maybe this is hardcoded and you haven’t tested with very high resolutions?

System specs:
Windows 10 Pro 21H1
Chrome 92.0.4515.131
Screen 24" 2560x1440

Thanks for reporting this. This is somewhat the desired behaviour and not really a glitch. I can double check if this can be improved.

Do you think that the current behaviour is an issue? Or is it more like an unexpected behaviour?

The number of waypoints that are required for the route info to snap to the bottom is calculated dynamically, so on other screens the number might be different.

You probably have a scaling for this resolution? Like 1.5 or 2 in the Windows display settings?

Well spotted, 1.25x actually

It’s quite unexpected, especially with how well it behaves when you add more and more waypoints, it just neatly merges into the scrollable list. I would think that’s the expected behaviour, be as close to the waypoint list as you can, until you can’t anymore and need to make the container scrollable. But yeah, low prio of course

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Thanks for the explanation, I will have a look :slight_smile: