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I want to create a route based on several older routes I drove or downloaded.
So I decided to Import these routes as an overlay.

A couple of things I bumped into.
Is it possible to give the individual imports a different color? They are currently loaded in ‘Red’
When switching windows the overlay sometimes disappears. Why is this? Can I re-activate the overlay?


Currently, this is not possible sorry. It is on the todo list, but yeah, just not done yet :slight_smile:

This should not happen, does this happen regularly? Can you provide more details?

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Hi there,

I can reproduce it, simply by reloading the page.
The route stays in tact but the red overlay is no longer available

Ah yes, reloading removes the overlay, that is currently expected.

Ok, Thanks

That’s annoying
But not blocking :wink:

Hope it gets fixed in time