Sharing URL after route name change

I am planning a trip over several days, and I am writing a document with all useful informations, including a link (URL) per day, pointing to the routes in Kurviger.
Then I changed the name and some shaping points of that route.
I noticed the saved URL points to the old version (which is no more available or visible in the cloud).
This is annoying for 2 reasons:

  1. I will have to re-export the links for every day’s trip
  2. it seems that you guys keep the old versions, even when they are deleted ?
  3. It event seems that the links change after every modification ???

I made the following test:
a. create and save route xyz
b. copy the export link of xyz
c. modify xyz destination and save it
d. delete xyz in the cloud page
e. paste the link created at step a. in the navigator
f. now I see the initial route created in step a

That means that if I plan a trip several weeks in advance, I can only share the links at the very last minute, otherwise the other people will see outdated version, !!

That should be clearly highlighted on the export page, IMHO.

the “exported” URL is unigue for a given state of a route. As you find out, you may change the route but the URL points always to the version at export.
To share your route with others you need either the URL or a file (.kurviger or/and .gpx) both created via export.

I use files (never used the Kurviger cloud) - see Access web route from app - #9 by zaphod_42 - believe me, it works. If you take the same file name, it’s always the latest version. But you can even have several versions of the same daytrip (then of course with different names).

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