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My question is about “avoidances” for web AND app.
Note that personnaly I would rather call that “preferences” or “routing preferences”.

  1. If I share a route with a friend, can I be sure we will follow the same route ?
    Or do we have to make sure the “avoidances” are the same on every phone ?

  2. If I export the route in order to get it into a Zumo XT, is there a set of “avoidances” that I should configure ? DO we have some correspondance between Garmin preferences ?


  1. If you user the Kurviger Link the routes should be identical.
    No matter wether you use Kurviger-Web or Kurviger-App, the routes are always identical.

  1. Third party devices is a different story.
    Route Transfer (Import, Export) [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

Thanks for the reply.

Does that mean that the routes will be identical even if the 2 phones have different “avoidances” set ?

This is important for me because I plan to do a long tour with another bike much smaller than mine, and could occasionally be out of view.

The avoidances are set per route.
As long as you use the link the routes are the same - in contrast to GPX files which do not contain the settings.
:bulb: I would recommend using avoidances sparingly. Using the curviness instead should be sufficient for most use cases.


From my knowledge different avoidances at your devices will lead to different routes in case a recalculation of the routes are done.

Please have a look at my converter:

Help / documentation:

Hi Markus,
Thanks for the reply. I already used you tool for my last trip in May, since I had to share the routes with 7 other guys.
Your tools is great, it allowed me to detect & fix a number of U-Turns and compact the gpx.
There were still some issues, specially when you miss one point and you don’t want to recalculates, otherwise the Garmin sens you to the next highway.
I had not looked at your help page, which seems very interesting, and which I will read with great attention.
Thanks for that work !
By the way I would gladly share my gpx’s for that trip in Auvergne/Ardèche if someone wants it. That’s a fantastic region.


You could post it here:

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