Share Link button missing in Firefox


a couple of days ago i found that the Share Link button is missing in the export menu:

This is with Firefox. When switching to Export the button flashes for a fraction of a second before it disappears.

In a cross-check with Brave the button is shown.

Any idea how to recover it in Firefox?

(System: Debian, Firefox 114.0.2, Brave 1.52.126)

For me it is working with Firefox :thinking:
Ubuntu, Firefox 113.0.1

Yes, this is an Adblock “feature”. If you tell Adblock to hide share buttons (like Facebook) they will try to hide anything that contains share even as a text.

I don’t think so. It worked properly up to Firefox 113, the button disappeared with the update to Firefox 114, without changing any setting of uBlockOrigin. From my point of view it likely has to do something with Mozilla’s recently introduced actions to block tracking.

It works on my firefox 114. So far we know this behaviour from AdBlock. Ich have my Firefox in strict tracking protection mode. It would be interesting to find out why or which plugin is responsible for this in your case.

BTW: we recommend to disable these browser plugins on Kurviger, they regularly break parts of our website - Somehow Kurviger does not Behave the Way I would expect it, what can I do? [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

I reset uBlockOrigin to factory settings and added my private settings one by one, now works like expected with uBO turned on. So this issue seems to have been a hickup in uBO, problem solved.