Several mistake in the map, who can help?

on our France-Italy-Trip I had one tour, where Kurviger (or the OSM-map) didn’t accept the routing and the targets, even other people had written in the internet, that the route ist accessible.
As I don’t know what’s the mistake and how to change the data : could someone please change the data in the map source code?

The route is really very interesting, lonesome, great nature and nevertheless completely accessible with touring/street bikes, so it’s a pity that the route is not processed:

Please test:
Col Agnel (border France/Italy) --> target: “Vinadio - Piemont”.

The route should be:
col agnel - Sampeyre - colle di sampeyre - Colle d’Esischie - (dirctly over the river - not by Gaiola)

Kurviger only accepts this route by several points, and there are still mistakes - I think there is a barrier integreated in the map or something like this.
The route itself is small, only one car possible, partly not in really well quality, but possible to drive for normal bikes
Enclosed I’ve uploaded the route kurviger is producing with these additional points. Normally it should be enough with start and end.

Could someone please check and change these mistakes?

Thanks in advance
Best regards

Urlaub2019-Do5.kurviger (34.8 KB)

Hallo Jushka,
ich hab’ mal Deine Route ein klein wenig geändert :grinning:

Ich habe entfernt:

Das “Problem” ist hier, (kurz nach WP6 auf Deiner Route) wo man laut OSM die Wahl hat zwischen Schotter unbefestigter Straße oder Einbahnstraße.

— added english version —
Hi Jushka.
I changed your route a little bit :grinning:

I have removed:

The “problem” is here, (shortly after WP6 on your route) where according to OSM you have the choice between gravel unpaved road or one-way road.


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Danke Manfred.
Jetzt habe ich es kapiert. Stimmt an die Situationen hatte ich gar nicht mehr gedacht. Ja dort gibt es zwei oder drei Stellen, an denen man bergab nur Schotter/unbefestigt fahren darf (gibt nichts anderes, ist aber eigentlich kein Schotter, ist alles fest) und die geteerte Strasse ist nur für Fahrtrichtung bergauf bzw Radler (alle Richtungen) Gibt aber keine andere Route. Im Internet stehen diverse Berichte, in dem bergabfahrende Mopedfahrer spontan zum Radfahrer mutieren, wir haben auch diese Variante gewählt, weil sowieso keiner kommt. Somit Teer bergab :slight_smile:

Kannst Du erkennen warum er dann in Demonte nicht direkt die nächste Brücke nimmt um über den Fluss zu kommen, sondern aussenrum über Gaion fährt, das muss ja auch nicht sein? Selbst mit meinen Wegpunkt 7 frisst er es nicht zum nächsten Pass (Col de la Lombarde). Wir sind dort unmittelbar über eine Brücke gefahren, haben noch weitere gesehen, alle in beide Richtungen befahrbar, keine Beschränkungen für Moto oder so. Findest Du auch noch den Fehler bitte?
Danke Dir!

Das liegt vermutlich auch an dem “Einbahnstraßen” Problem das Manfred weiter oben beschreibt.

Legst du die Route z.B. so, dann sieht das eigentlich richtig aus, oder?

I really don’t get why everyone just switched to German here although the question was in English :confused:

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Sorry my fault :blush::woozy_face:

Have a look at your route with my “modification” above.
I haven’t changed anything but avoid unpaved roads and avoid narrow roads
It does take the bridge (at WP7) - even if you remove WP7

So the issue is the unpaved - oneway thing as I’ve described above
Looks like Kurviger does the right thing here - avoid unpaved roads


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No I still don’t think so.
Because the unpaved road, you’ve identified is at the hill, a lot of km before Demonte.
Arriving Demonte there should be no problem to go directly ahead to the bridge . Waypoint 7 was set because I wanted kurviger to use this bridge and the road - but it was not accepted. Are the bridge or the other roads around perhaps marked as one-way or unpaved (there was nothing in reality)? Could this be the reason? Sorry I’m not trained enough to check and change it in OSM, but I try to understand what’s happening.
Thanks & BR

Well, compare these two routes!
Start is:
bevore the unpaved part
after the unpaved part

I think the issue is really the unpaved and narrow part, which kurviger tries to avoid at all means.
Remember, you had set both:
Avoid unpaved and avoid narrow roads.

Does kurivger has an “standardised” level of “small” roads? What’ “small”? In Tschechien & Slowakei “small” road was level 4 of their naming of the route. But in germany small roads between “Kaffs” are included and used…
In this example the roads were not smaller than otherone, kurviger had accepted in other routes.
Nevertheless if I understand you correctly you mean that the roads are “too small” to be accepted by kurviger / OSM?
We’ve used now kurviger in the last 3 years for more than 30 000km in central europe, but this behavior (or OSM map quality/data base) is not used for us…

Thanks & BR

To my understanding OSM basically has the following levels of roads

  • motorway
  • trunk
  • primary
  • secondary
  • tertiary
  • unclassified
  • residential

… and yes, a motorway in Africa may be worse than an unclassified unpaved in Germany :wink:

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And it may be also the other way around -.-

With this setting Kurviger tries to avoid roads that are too narrow for two cars passing each other without slowing down. We use different criteria to estimate if a road is narrow or not. Unfortunately, Germany is one of the regions where this is really hard to do.

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