Select what Points to export

Hi There,

If I export a route as a track, I can export the via and Shapingpoints as a waypoint.
Is there a way to select what Points to Export?
Only Via Points for example?

It would be a great feature.

That’s currently not possible. Could you describe your usecase, why you would want to use this?

Hi Robin

When creating the route in Kurviger I use stops and Shaping Points.
I have chosen to work with Track export exclusively.
I never have issues transfering to the zumo as track and then converting the track to route in the the XT/XT2.
In this process you loose all stops and shapingpoints

But sometimes I have stops I would like to keep.
So I Export the the points as waypoints.
But that way I end up with all points. Stops and Shapingpoints.

I use the Garmin vocabulary for the Points.
Via Points (Stops) part of the route
Shaping Points, part of the route
WayPoints not part of a route

As far as the GPX wpt is concerned (and not the rtept), I support the suggestion.
It would be a good way to export the via points of a route additionally as wpt in the GPX, so that they are automatically considered as favourites (or Explore waypoints) when transferred to the XT/2. Of course, you don’t want this for the shaping points.

Ok got it, so this is mostly about improving your workflow in combination with your Garmin device.

And you would like to manually select a handful of points or all ViaPoints to be exported, but not the ShapingPoings?

Ah ok, so the XT2 is threading GPX WPT as POIs during the navigation?

It would be interesting to see if others need this feature as well.

My suggestion is that the export option “Export of Waypoints” is renamed “Export of ViaPoints” and then acts and works like this. I can’t imagine that anyone would want to export shaping points as GPX wpt - at least not with the “Garmin” file format.

In the Garmin world, POIs and favourites are technically treated differently. Here we are talking about GPX wpt, which become “favourites” on the Garmin device. POIs are loaded onto the device with the Garmin POI Loader and then become “user POIs”.

Favourites and POIs are displayed on the XT, but have no influence on navigation - only the route points are responsible for this.

The whole terminology around waypoints, POIs and favourites is unfortunately not consistent in the Garmin world and therefore confusing.

I think “Export of Waypoints” is correct, it fits with “Route” and “Track”. But it should behave like “Export of ViaPoints”.

Maybe best to use Kurviger names for the points

Language English

Intermediate (Stop)
Shaping Point

So I would like to be able to export the Intermediates as Waypoint.

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As a workaround you can use and export GPX with waypoints and tracks:Help Export GPX

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That looks like what I’m looking for, only read it, did not try yet
But would it be something you can add to the default export of Kurviger?

Good hint!

I’ve been playing around with GPXShaping for a while but haven’t noticed this feature yet. If I understand it correctly, only ViaPoints are output as wpt by default.

If you use GPXShaping as part of your workflow you have a smart solution.

But I’ll stick with @Castellum and the suggestion to change Kurviger as mentioned above.

Especially because currently all additional waypoints generated by Kurviger are also output as wpt and become favourites on the Garmin device and that is certainly beyond all needs.

Ok thanks a lot for the clarification. Ok, we will keep this in mind to further improve when are reworking our export feature :slight_smile:

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