Saving Startpoint in website


I use the website to plan roundtrips. Since those start always from the same point I am looking for a way to have the start point remembered by the website. Is that possible?

Yes, you can click on Cloud (1.), then on Favourites (2.) and then right-click on the desired location and select New Favourite (3.). When planning the next tour, load the favourites and select the favourite as the start.


thanks for the pointer. I had to create a folder for my favorites first. Then it did indeed work.

However: Having a common start point for your trips is common for most people. It would be nice if the system would take care of that. In my profile I can enter lots of info about my bike. Having the ability to set a start address would be nice. If set it could be a button on the planning screen. Right now I have to do 5 clicks to get my home address.

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I get your point. I’ve gotten used to it, but for new users, including the home address would certainly be very convenient. I am with you.