Save a motorcycle trip made

Hi! I want to find on my phone a route taken this week, where can I find it and how can I save it so I can do it again? How to recognize the different routes between them? Thank you. Andy.

Hallo Andy, die Routen werden im Standardordner gespeichert. Den Pfad findest Du unter Einstellungen > Applikation > Export-Ordner. Diesen kannst Du dort auch ändern.

Hi Andy, the routes are saved in the default folder. You can find the path under Settings > Application > Export Folder. You can also change it there.


Hello! I find it but nothing inside… Just the red drawing on the map to show my path, but nothing to find the routes.
The path is /storage/3251-15FC/Android/data/ Kurviger (my folder)

Thanks for your help!

You can export a calculated route while it exists in the app, i.e. see it on screen.
(see also the documentation)

The track line you mentioned is the logged GPS track, this can be exported too.

Both can be exported inside the folder that is selected in app settings.

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Thank you I know exported a route to achieve it.

What I can’t do is recover from a past trip, there is nothing in my backup folder.

The GPS track is recorded, but how to export it?

You need to export the routes you want to keep backup.
Then you can import them again anytime later.

The app always remembers the last calculated route.

Press the GPS logging button and a menu will open with various options.
(see also the documentation)