Same term for shaping points in app and website

To improve the handling and make it easier to understand, the kurviger shaping points should be identified with the same term in app and website.

Currently in german versions in the app the term “Formpunkt” is used, on the website the term “Shaping-Point” is used.

I propose to use “Shaping-Point”, "shaping-point or “shaping point” also in german version of the app.

This topic might also concern other language versions.
Please see also discussion Website: Export Waypoint Names and Shaping Points - #18 by rumbrummer


Strange that no one mentioned it for so long with the Beta or public versions.
It seems that most use the English language. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I think so, too - I think you should have statistics at least for the website ;-).

And this is definitely no problem for users with some experience, but might confuse users who

  • are new
  • use german variant
  • use both app and website

So I agree - it is not an important topic, but might be a low hanging fruit to harmonize.
I can not estimate that, and people having no idea about a topic (as me in this case) tend to underestimate the effort … :innocent:

At least for the website most users are using the German version.

It will be changed in next app version.


So I will change it also in my converter (the app was 1st supporting shaping points, so I used app terms in german version ).