Routingproblem in Austria

It seems that it is not possible to direct route from Jenbach to Schwaz (Austria / Tirol) using the Street L215 (Tratzbergstrasse, Unterinntal Landesstrasse, Kirchfeld, Am Rain).

Do you mean this route?
There is a lift_gate near waypoint1 and another near waypoint2

Yes. This looks strange to me. Why isn´t kurviger using the L215 street ?
Screenshot below. (Unterinntal Landesstrasse)

Hi Günther,
this is explained here. Have a look at the paragraph Barrieren. I guess these lift_gates are for avalanches, so I could add the necessary “access tag”.
Are these gates normally open?


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Hi Manfred,

i was there today. These gates are only closed in wintertime. So you could “open” them.