Routing Problems in Dachau

Problem Route

Toggle between “curvy” and “fast and curvy” and you will see a difference. In “curvy” mode the pictured route is

  1. kind of annoying because noone would ever use that byroad
  2. actually not legal because it is only allowed to turn right from the byroad (“verified” with google maps)

And what is completely weird is that when you set the starting point some meters north next to Gaußstraße then the curvy route is suddenly fine.

Thanks for posting the issue.

Please be aware, there is no thing like “verified by Google Maps”. Google Maps contains a quite some errors and outdated data. Also the data by Google Maps is copyrighted and cannot be used in OpenStreetMaps (see the OSM Legal FAQ).

Luckily, the intersection is available on Mapillary, where one can verify that only right turns are allowed at this intersection.

Mapping turn restrictions is a bit complicated, so I just did that. The route should be correct in 1-2 weeks.

Cool, big thanks :slight_smile:

And yea, I just wanted to double check somwhere that I perceived the situation there right :wink:

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