Routing problem in Dublin ferry port

I’m planning a trip where I want to use the Dublin - Isle of Man ferry. It seems one of the roads to get onto the ferry is unavailable, although I couldn’t find the culprit when I looked for it in OSM.

It comes down to this:

Where it should follow this route, or similar:

What’s the best way to fix this?

Yes, that’s strange. The direct Dublin-Douglas connection is by land and sea:

Strangely enough, if you add a point on the ferry route near Dublin, Holyhead comes into play:

If you move point 1 a little further out to sea, along the ferry line, Kurviger doesn’t like that either:

I added access=yes to gates of toll station lanes, that might help (in 2-3 days):

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Thanks for your response. Your change doesn’t seem to fix the issue (yet), but I’ve found some other quirks with the “Terminal” road.

The furthest I can get to the check-in from the roundabout is this:

I can’t get Kurviger to cross “Terminal Road South” there. The road “Terminal 1 Car Check-in” further down the road can’t be used at all:

I have compared the different parts of the road “Terminal 1 Car Check-in” in OSM, but I can’t find out why Kurviger is able to use the first part and can’t use the second part.

Thanks for the update, Ok, so the whole ferry terminal is really messed up data wise. I did change quite a lot to allow access to the ferries, I hope I didn’t miss anything. Please give this another try in a few days, hopefully this works now. Please let us know if this works or if the issue still persists.

It was tag access=permissive?

Would it be useful route also roads with access=permissive? From the definition on OSM public access is allowed until otherwise stated (in my mind then some sign or barrier is placed).

No, permissive is fine, I just removed that in places where it was redundant. It was access=private all over the place. Access=private is used differently accross OSM, but mostly marks roads that you cannot use. I changed these to access=customers, as ferry customers can access the roads, IMHO this tagging is clearer, and also routers can allow access to these roads more easily.