Routing issue for all GPX imported files at the moment - last few hours

Hi all, is there an issue in general at the moment with importing GPX files?
I cannot import any of my GPX files in to Kurviger. It will only provide Start and End points and gives me blue circles for all the Waypoints and Shaping Points.

I even did a new route with 4 points and exported it and it will not import !

I upgraded Chrome on Windows in the last few days;
OSM date stamp: 10/20/2023
Debug information:
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36
Cookies Enabled: true
Screen: 1616 x 909 px - 1.5843749046325684dppx

Here is a short example of GPX code;
<wpt lat=“-33.4565” lon=“151.4383”><name>Garries</name><desc>Continue onto Tramway Road</desc><sym>Flag, Green</sym><type>start</type></wpt>
<wpt lat=“-33.438413” lon=“151.419754”><name>Stop 1 is Waypoint 1 name</name><desc>Waypoint 1</desc><sym>Flag, Blue</sym><type>via</type></wpt>
<wpt lat=“-33.436833” lon=“151.368004”><name>Shaping Point 2 name 2222</name><desc>Waypoint 2</desc><sym>Waypoint</sym><type>shaping</type></wpt>
<wpt lat=“-33.434442” lon=“151.296771”><name>Fuel Kariong</name><desc>Arrive at destination</desc><sym>Flag, Red</sym><type>destination</type></wpt>

And the display;


Hi @OldManEmu,

In your example there is no gpx header there
and additionally incorrect:

instead of the correct one:


Possibly due to some changes made in some text editor, which does not preserve formatting.

When I correct these, the file is readable - see below…

Please keep in mind, it is more convenient for examples to upload the files via

or paste as the “preformatted text” via

Simply pasting formatted text in the forum may lead to the loss of formatting.

Here the corrected, readable file uploaded
gary_corrected.gpx (1.0 KB)

and here pasted as “preformatted text”:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<gpx xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" creator="" version="1.1" xmlns:gh="">
<name>Example Waypoint List</name>
<copyright author="OpenStreetMap contributors"/>
<link href="">
<text> GPX</text>
<wpt lat="-33.4565" lon="151.4383"><name>Garries</name><desc>Continue onto Tramway Road</desc><sym>Flag, Green</sym><type>start</type></wpt>
<wpt lat="-33.438413" lon="151.419754"><name>Stop 1 is Waypoint 1 name</name><desc>Waypoint 1</desc><sym>Flag, Blue</sym><type>via</type></wpt>
<wpt lat="-33.436833" lon="151.368004"><name>Shaping Point 2 name 2222</name><desc>Waypoint 2</desc><sym>Waypoint</sym><type>shaping</type></wpt>
<wpt lat="-33.434442" lon="151.296771"><name>Fuel Kariong</name><desc>Arrive at destination</desc><sym>Flag, Red</sym><type>destination</type></wpt>

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Thanks for looking at this. In my file I did have a GPX header I simply did not post the full header to the forum. Thanks for the tip about uploading GPX as a file.

I saved the Corrected file you posted but when I load it, this morning Chrome on an iPad (IOS17.2), it still only loads the start and end points and two blue circles for the Waypoint and Shaping point ! So it is happening on Windows PC and iPad.

Even I I load a GPX from 2 years ago I just get the start and end points. I have cleared my browser cache fully and restarted.

If I click the blue circles they have properties but seems they are not being parsed correctly. Intriguing!

Hi @OldManEmu,

try to write a bigger number to the field

"Limit the amount of waypoints to"

I use to use 100 (smaller only when I really intend to reduce the number of points), for this example 4 would be sufficient.

If you have 2 or less, it takes 2 points only = “Start” + “Destination”…
…but as you have “Automatic” for “Overlay”, it shows the rest of waypoints just as points in the overlay, clickable, but not as a part of the route.

Best Regards,


Tom, arh man ! I feel like a total dope - that works !