Routing in roundabouts (offroad exit)

Hi Community,

how do we want to handle routing where offroad segments are involved? On friday I was driving through Switzerland and I encountered this roundabout:

Source: Google Streetview

As you can see I was coming from the right and wanted to take the first exit.
But Kurviger told me on my headset to “take the second exit”. Also the GUI was showing the “2” for second exit. Fortunately I had a feeling for the cardinal directions and knew that I had to go to the right, so I did not get lost.

As you can see on the screenshot, Kurviger probably thinks the first exit is the small dirt road here. This suspicion strengthens when you look at the node in OSM:

Sourc: OSM

So what could we do here?

  • We could disallow turning right onto the dirtroad in OSM by clicking on the first green arrow. But that’s not really the truth, and it’s not what a dirt-rider would want from Kurviger
  • We could ask the team to implement some logic surrounding the “avoid unpaved” option. But that’s probably a lot of development work, and it’s also not how I suspect most of us use Kurviger, we don’t always set “avoid unpaved” to true, most often we don’t need it
  • We could do nothing, leave it as it is. But I have to tell you I was REALLY confused, in real life you don’t realize all of this so quickly. I didn’t even see the dirt road, I only found out there is one 10 minutes ago when I researched why Kurviger was saying “second exit” :smiley:

Your ideas?

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Thanks for reporting, this seems to be related to this topic: Kreisverkehr Ausfahrten?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? I am not sure about the best option. We could skip counting exits for these small paths/tracks. But maybe this introduces new issues that we are currently not aware of?

Damnit, sorry, 100% duplicate, did not see. We can close this topic and continue the discussion in the original thread.