Routenplanung über mehrere Länder


I tried creating a Route from Munich to Genua.

When I do this via the Website ( the Route (Munich - Genua) will be shown on the Map, but if I do this via the Android App (Version 1.X), I get the notification (Route not found) - online Routing (via Kurviger) is activated in Android App Settings.

Help is appreciated

How do you create the route on the smartphone?
Which routing options?
What exact point in Genova?
Do you transfer the route from the website to the smartphone via QR-code?

Genova seems to be critical due to long calculation time.
One or two waypoints in between could improve the calculation speed.

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I select the Destination and the Route will be calculated

This was the right question, noticed when I disable “avoid Mainroad” - I’ll get a route
Is this a normal behavior?

Just the city centre

No, I’ll create it directly on my smartphone

Not needed anymore when option “avoid Mainroad” is disabled

Well, it seems to be obvious that calculating a route without main roads is difficult and thus is time consuming.

Try to find a route by hand using only very small roads :wink:


Did you have the maps on the smartphone? This message is an indication that you either should switch to online routing with no maps downloaded on the smartphone or download the respective maps from the website and load them on your smartphone.

Good luck,
Rob Molenkamp

he used online Routing (see thread opening) - but: routing and map are two different things. You can even define a destination (Mulhouse in France in my example) with a missing offline map: