Route recalculation does not work

Hello, I’m using Kurviger Tourer+ on my android phone. I intentionally took a different route than the one suggested, but the app did not recalculate the route, even after several minutes. I had to stop, pause the route and restart it for it to recalculate the route. Same thing a few kilometers further.
Of course, the recalculation option is activated and network was fine.
What could be the issue ?

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Could you provide more information? What version of the app did you use etc., maybe you could your debug info from the app settings? Also it would be interesting to see if this still happens you try this now, so plan a route away from your current location and start the navigation, what happens?

here is the context : I’m using my one+6 slave phone (no SIM card, linked to my master phone with Bluetooth for data). Kurviger version is 3.3.1 - 2863.
I made a new test yesterday evening, with a new route, but same issue : the route was not recalculated, even after 5 minutes of riding.
Just to test, yesterday evening after using my One+6, I switched phones and used my master Samsung S20 (with SIM card), with exactly the same version of Kurviger, for the same route, but this time the recalculation worked fine and the route was recalculated just after few seconds.
So, the only difference I see is the fact that recalculation does not work when using a slave phone, even if data is activated (and working fine) via bluetooth modem.
Does the recalculation need high data capacity or bandwidth ?
Just for your reference, it worked fine with exactly same configuration but with previous version, Kurviger Pro.
Hope you have a solution as I have a big roadtrip in 10 days :slight_smile:

and i tried with Google and Android GPS mode, same issue with both setup on my slave phone.

No, even longer routes should be < 1MB.

Ok, so I can verify that with 3.3.1 BT tethering does not work for calculating a new route. I cannot guarantee that we can fix this within the next 10 days.

While this consumes more battery on your S20, you could open a WiFi from your S20 in the meantime, this should work fine.

Ok, i will try with WiFi data mode, instead of Bluetooth.
But I’m not comfortable with WiFi as it’s draining battery so fast that I’m not sure to have a full day ride autonomy.
Once again, it worked well with Kurviger pro, so I’m sure you will find a fix :star_struck:

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By any chance, can I expect a fix before my roadtrip starts on Sunday?

We were able to identify the issue and have a plan for fixing this. To be honest, my feeling is 75% no, 25% yes.

Good to know you know how to fix it.
Let’s bet on the 25%, as I’m the road opener for 8 days and 6 friends, I really need it. We all know there are thousands reasons to miss a crossroad :grin:

Quick update, we just released 3.3.2 as a BETA which should fix the issue with BT tethering.

Yes , it works perfectly, many thanks!!!

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J’utilise un téléphone sans carte SIM comme GPS.
J’ai téléchargé les cartes sur le téléphone.
Je constate le même problème pas de re-calcul et pourtant je suis en version 3.3.2.
Il me semble que cela fonctionnait dans les versions précédentes.
Faut’il absolument une connexions réseau DATA avec carte SIM pour que le re-calcul fonctionne ?
Merci d’avance.

[EN] Yes, it requires an internet connection for planning the route and re-calculation of the route while navigation.
The offline maps are used to reduce data traffic or to enable the navigation in case there is no internet connection.
You might connect your dedicated phone for navigation to your mainly used phone to have connection (Tethering WLAN or Bluetooth).

Oui, il faut une connexion Internet pour planifier l’itinéraire et le recalculer pendant la navigation.
Les cartes hors ligne sont utilisées pour réduire le trafic de données ou pour permettre la navigation en cas d’absence de connexion Internet.
Tu peux connecter ton téléphone dédié à la navigation à ton téléphone principal pour avoir une connexion (Tethering WLAN or Bluetooth).

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thank you for your reply

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