Route Export to google Maps Link

Can you add a route export function to generate a routing Link for google maps in this form?,11.543575/52.077425,11.502126/52.062605,11.498233/51.890253,11.285576/51.817774,11.069108/51.826025,10.915737/51.762884,10.784711/51.695249,10.696865/51.689582,10.634994/51.590099,10.559082/51.591096,10.497313/51.604727,10.464919/51.573587,10.430492/51.558016,10.367476/51.558016,10.367476/

Routing is then possible via google maps app and more then 9 stops are possible.
best regards torsten

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Exchanging routes between Google Maps and Kurviger and vice versa [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

thanx for this way - but just import via generated Link (like Sygic) is imo much faster and easyer.

We had the export option to Google Maps some time ago, but it did not reliably work. Back then I think it was limited to 16 Waypoints. This option was removed as it did not work at some point, not sure if it works again :thinking:

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