Route export - bulk / folder

Hello, have a request :wink:
Is it possible to add bulk (check mark at every planned route) or whole folder (favourites) export to files?
Why I’m asking. Well, right now I’m planning a lot of trips for upcoming season. I have a separate folders for each journey with a dozen of routes. From time to time I do some refinements in routes, additionally they are somewhat connected - starting point for next day is an end point of last day, know what I mean. So if I do changes in one day, the next one needs correction too. Exporting one by one routs takes forever :wink: I just love to automate as much as I can, so I found app to sync my phone route folder and GDrive just by one click or schedule etc. So when I have tu click a lot to export dozen of routs I feel like it is something wrong here :wink:

Do you mean this feature?

@devemux86 No. I just want to:

  • tick ( check mark) routes on the list in my folder
  • export many at one time to separate files

Done :slight_smile:

I can fully understand your issue. Unfortunately this is not possible right now. This is on the todo list, but it is not straight forward to implement. So maybe we can offer something like this in the future.

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OK, thanks, understood :slight_smile:

@boldtrn Robin, may I kindly ask for the current status of realizing this topic?
For me it would be really appreciated.

At least right now, there are no news about this. Right now I am still thinking on how this can be done.

An easier solution might be to offer a limited export (e.g., only .kurviger and .gpx) and the GPX would be fixed to track+route or something like that, without the other export options. But I am not sure if this would be a good solution or if we should offer the full fledged export options.

I am in favor of an incremental solution.
Therefore I would like to have an additional bulk export opportunity with the limitation to only export kurviger-files or gpx-files with some standard export options.

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