Route duration different between website and road book export


I have noticed that there is a difference between the route duration on the Kurviger website and the route duration from the data that a road book export generates from the turn-by-turn directions.

Example route: Kurviger
Website: 153 km / duration 3:03 hours
Road book export: 152,8 km / duration 2:42 hours (total time 9720 seconds/86400)

The same behavior applies to other routes (e.g. Kurviger - 1:58 hours <> 1:37 hours).

How can this difference be explained?
Is this a bug?


Ich habe festgestellt, dass zwischen der Routendauer auf der Kurviger Website und der Routendauer aus den Daten, die ein Road Book Export aus den Abbiegehinweisen generiert, ein Unterschied besteht.

Beispielroute: Kurviger
Website: 153 km / Dauer 3:03 Stunden
Road Book Export: 152,8 km / Dauer 2:42 Stunden (Gesamtzeit 9720 Sekunden/86400)

Selbes Verhalten gilt fĂĽr weitere Routen (z.B. Kurviger - 1:58 Stunden <> 1:37 Stunden).

Wie ist dieser Unterschied erklärbar?
Handelt es sich hier um einen Fehler?

Thanks for reporting this issue, I will have a look what might be causing this issue.

Hab ich bei mir noch nie festgestellt - ich vermeide allerdings auch nicht sämtliche Straßen-Typen:
2022-11-22 13_56_32-7 Days Premium Salzburg, Puch bei Hallein _ Kurviger
Was soll Kurviger dann noch planen?

I have never noticed that - but I also do not avoid all types of roads.

What should Kurviger plan then?

Thanks for looking into it…

Just to be clear: the shown settings are Kurviger’s default values! :wink:

Yes, but they are all active, by default they are not active, meaning off. If you enable all avoidances, this might result in weird routes at times.

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Ok, but how do I “reset” the values to its defaults then?

When clicking the icons (so that they become black/not active) and open the settings, all avoidances are shown as “off”!?
Read the chapter “Customize the routing” especially the part for avoidances.
I recommend: “avoid avoidances” because they apply to the entire route, while you can specify different routing modes for individual segments.

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I know this chapter of the documentation.

Unfortunately there is no statement how to “reset the avoiances to their defaults”.

I assumed to deactivate them (black icon) means that all are “set to off” (0), and setting them to the blue colored values means “set them to defaults”. Which is wrong as it seems!?

So again: does the following setting mean “all is set to default”, or does it mean “all is set to off”?

What am I missing?

When there is no number at the icons it means, that for the icons the selection is “Off”.
When at an icon there is a number then this means that the avoidance is selected. The number shows the strength of the selected avoidance.

All right, thanks for the clarification. Then at least I had understood that correctly from the start… :relieved:

My mistake then was obviously to assume that setting all avoidances to their default values equals to “use the default routing algorithm”.

Anyway: the displayed route duration of the website should match the route duration of the road book export, as long as Kurviger is able to calculate a route at all (albeit with possibly “strange” settings).

Shouldn’t it?


If you take your 2nd route without avoidances ( you get a match.

Yes it should. I did check what is happening behind the scenes. It has nothing to do with the avoidances.

This was a bit of a tricky but, but I deployed a fix, this should be resolved now. If you find a similar issue again, please let me know.

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Thank you very much for looking into that and fixing the issue!

All routes I checked before starting this thread have now the same duration on the website and in the road book export. :+1: :ok_hand:

Thank you!