Route calculator doesn't work

Diese Routenberechnung scheint sehr lange zu dauern. Du kannst versuchen, das Problem zu lösen, indem du deine Route kürzt, Wegpunkte zwischen deinen aktuellen Wegpunkten platzierst oder deine Routing-Einstellungen änderst.

—The distance to be calculated is approx. 1200 km. without intermediate points. And even if I only select autobahn, the program doesn’t manage to calculate the route.
That annoys me. Please check that.

If you use the search function of the forum and just copy the first words “Diese Routenberechnung scheint sehr lange zu dauern” into the search field, you get a lot of information about that topic.

@moderators : This thread and nearly all of the search hits are in “website” category - perhaps it might be useful to shift them to “routing” category.


You are certainly right but the same problem could occur with K3.

@boldtrn Is it important for you to know where the problem occured (web or app)?

Yes - exacly that is the reason why I proposed to shift from website to routing.

From my point of view in all cases (K1, K2, K3, website/browser) the same routing request is sent to Kurviger server (assumption: same routing settings) - the “problem” occurs on the server.

In browser on PC it is easy to check:

  • plan a long route with crazy setting Kurviger
  • open debugger (chrome: shift-ctrl-I)
  • go to “Network” tab in debugger
  • press “Calculate Route”

After a short time you can see, that the server response 400 (bad request) is sent, the browser shows the known error message:

@boldtrn : Perhaps it might help to show a link to a forum search in the red error message, something like Search results for 'Diese Routenberechnung scheint sehr lange zu dauern' - Kurviger Forum - that might reduce the number of threads concerning this topic …

@Heiko_Fischer : Trying to force the error, I was able to calculate a route of ~2700km:

Perhaps your route has an other (individual) problem - to investigate that you should paste a route link here.

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Yes, generally I’d say, a route over 1000km without any intermediate points might fail. As you mentioned, longer routes are possible, but for very long routes, a lot of different factors come into play, so a 3000km route might calculate faster than a 1000km route, for some cases.

Thanks for the idea, we can think about this. The forum software also proposes similar topics when you create a new topic. Maybe we can improve this somehow?

Sorry, I missed this question :slight_smile: - Usually it does not really matter where this occurred, only if there was some unexpected issue.

If I click my “crazy route” link above and afterwards the “Forum” button in the red error window, a new tread in the forum is created - without a hint to similar threads.
Perhaps such a hint is given when clicking “Create tread” - I did not test that because I do not want to create a spam thread.

I think that is also a good idea - I am not sure, which would be the better way. Currently I would prefer a search link in the red error window, but that might change after trying both versions.
Perhaps a combination of both measures is useful to “catch” also “TLDNR users”.

From my point of view the most important point is to give help to new / not experienced users, who probably have not read several threads in the forum and do not know how to solve those issues - and to avoid creating additional topics for the same issue (creates workload for the moderators, who shift the new threads into an existing one :wink: ).

It works… :wink: but only if you enter a title…

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I just have seen that the category of the thread created by the “forum” button is “website” - perhaps that should be changed to “routing”.

The button appears for all error messages, so we would need to create the button depending on the context. That is something we could look at in the future :slight_smile:

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