Route calculation stops

i am now in test mode with my kurviger app and I found a behavior that I can’t explain. has happened to me several times.
I start a navigation calculation to a destination that I select on the map. Short distance 30-40km. And it calculates for a very long time. i think ok i have network and go to google maps, select the same destination and 2 seconds later i have the route. I switch back to the curvy app and my destination is marked with a red sign, but no navigation. I then have to delete the current invisible navigation every time and start again.

sometimes it works, sometimes I just drove a place further and tried it there, then it went. Apparently the app stops when I put it in the background and the route calculation somehow hangs. I thought I could restart the route calculation somehow, but I didn’t find how.

is this normal? do i something wrong?

greetings Werner

Routing can be performed when app is in foreground or in background, like rerouting in navigation.

Can you post some route example?

Kurviger routing is performed online in the server and its speed depends on internet connection and app’s routing options (which did you use?).
e.g. alternative routes have certainly slower routing

Or you can use the offline routing as fallback, see the documentation for details.