Roundtrip fails when a detour needs to be made

First of all i love the app and how it creates routes. One thing I am not so happy about is when you create a roundtrip for example, and you need to do a detour, and than it completely looses the route actually, it stops working needing for a stop to push this triangle on the top of the screen. Wish it would do that automatically actually…any way to do that or is this something in the settings, thank you

Automatic rerouting is enabled by default, unless you disable it.

For more details see the manual:

However, manual rerouting is recommended:

this is exactly my issue, automatic will destroy the roundtrip and for manual you need to stop and do this manual recalculaton by either chosing the current location on the route, as sometimes even when you are back on the route it doesn t pick up the route, or by pushing this triangle on the top…I wish this was done automatically without destroying the roundtrip

Rerouting uses the same route options that created the round trip.
And the route part until next waypoint will change, that’s expected.
(offline routing uses the fastest route)

Without specific route examples and app options,
we cannot understand more what you mean.

If you do not like rerouting, you can disable it
and resume the route manually with the direction arrow.

Everything is explained in the manual:

If you like the rerouting to not change the route too much,
you can place many shaping points during route planning.